Drink Menu



Espresso $3
Cortado $4
Cappuccino $4
Latte $4
Americano $3
Brewed Coffee $2.50/$3

Iced Latte $4
Iced Coffee $3
Iced Chai $4

Extra Shot +$1.50
Non-Dairy Alternatives: Oat/Almond Milk +$1


Black Ops Queen’s Guard $3.50
Black Ops Bellocq Breakfast $3.50
Chamomile Tea $3.50
Corazón de Cienfuegos $3.50
Green Tea $4
Chai Latte $4

Bottled Beverages

Runningbyrd Iced Tea $3
Ceremony Cold Brew Coffee $4.50
Mountain Valley Still Water $3
Mountain Valley Sparkling Water (1 liter) $5


Supreme Core Micawbar $5
Supreme Core Nother Mother $6


Founders Brewing Co Solid Gold $5
Founders Brewing Co All Day IPA $6

The Bar Exam

Take a blind taste test of our 3 White
by the copita (2.5oz each.)
If you can correctly guess the grapes you
will receive a full copa (5oz) of our White Wines
by the Glass of your choice, on us.

Wine by the Glass

Chandon, California
Botellita, 6oz, $11

Rosé Chandon, California
Botellita, 6oz, $12

Chenin Blanc
Lubanzi, South Africa
2.5oz $6 | 5oz $11 | 750ml $32

Sauvignon Blanc Matakana, New Zealand
2.5oz $7 | 5oz $13 | 750ml $40

Chardonnay Newton Skyside, California
2.5oz $8 | 5oz $16 | 750ml $48

Sauvignon Blanc Lapiz Luna, California
2.5oz $6 | 5oz $11 | 750ml $32

Domaine Petroni, Corsica
2.5oz $7 | 5oz $13 | 750ml $40

Red Blend
Lapiz Luna, California
2.5oz $7 | 5oz $13 | 750ml $45

Villa Sparina, Italy
2.5oz $8 | 5oz $16 | 750ml $48

Garnacha Lechuza, Spain
2.5oz $8 | 5oz $15 | 750ml $42

Wine by the Bottle 

Veuve Clicquot, France $95
Rosé Imperial Moët & Chandon, France $105

Knoll, Austria $75

Aurosa Pinot Gris
Antiquum Farm, Oregon $80

Red Blend
Taken, California $70 Valpolicella Superiori Roccolo Grassi, Italy $65    
Toro Numanthia Numanthia, Spain $90



Happy Hour Menu (4pm - 7pm)


Wine by the Glass  

Sauvignon Blanc Cape Mantelle, Australia $7
Pinotage Radley & Finch, South Africa $7
Cabernet Sauvignon Altos del Plata, Argentina $7

Cava Poema, Spain $7


Bread for the Table, Wine Butter $5

Bread with Olive Oil $5
Pan de Queso $6

Supreme Core Cider

Micawbar $4
Nother Mother $5

Founders Brewing Co. Beer

Solid Gold $4
All Day IPA $5



Food Menu



Available 7 AM to 12 Noon
Multigrain and gluten free bread available
upon request.

Butter $4
Sourdough, cultured butter, sea salt

Nutella $5
Sourdough, chocolate and hazelnut spread

Butter + Jam $5
Sourdough, cultured butter, house-made
seasonal jam

Butter + Honey $4
Challah, cultured butter, local honey

Multigrain and gluten free bread available
upon request.

Baconista $9
Sourdough, exclusive espresso-bacon jam
+ Tomato +$1
+ Poached egg* +$2
+ Blue cheese +$1

The Avocados $8
Sourdough, olive oil, smashed avocado, sea salt
and fresh pepper
+ Poached egg* +$2
+ Feta and tomato +$3
+ Prosciutto* +$5

Poached Pear and Goat Cheese $12
Sourdough, arugula, lemon vinaigrette,
drizzled with honey

Mushroom $13
Sourdough, herbed cream cheese,
baby kale, pine nuts

Roasted Beef* $13
Sourdough, dijon creme fraiche, arugula

Baked Goods

Freshly Made Baked Goods
Available while supplies last

Doña Adelita's Banana Bread $3
Chocolate chip Muffin $3
Blueberry Muffin $3
Cranberry Orange Muffin $3

Angel’s Oatmeal $7


Kale and Roasted Sweet Potato $11
Fennel, pine nuts, lemon vinaigrette,
dijon crème fraîche

Beet and Goat Cheese $13
Romaine, strawberries, candied almonds,
red wine vinaigrette, goat cheese croquettes

Roast Beef*, Endive, and Apple $14
Medium-rare beef, red endive, granny smith apples,
dijon vinaigrette

Other Bites

Bread for the Table $5
With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
+ Wine butter +$1


Prosciutto Wrapped Dates
Blue cheese, arugula

Pan de Queso $8
Traditional Brazilian cheese bread

Fried Brussel Sprouts $8
Herb aioli

Goat Cheese Croquette $8
Housemade cherry compote

To Share or Not To Share

Elisa’s Bruschetta $10
Tomatoes, roasted garlic, herbs

Sweet Bites

Polish Snowballs $7 for 5
Buttery, crumbly, pecan-y, sugar
cookie rolled in powdered sugar


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.