About Us

Founded by sister team Elisa and Lourdes (Lulu) Bennaton, The Ministry derives its inspiration from their roots in Honduras, Guatemala and international travels. Motivated by the common experience found worldwide of enjoying the moments around the table, Elisa decided to create that place for all those who have journeyed from afar but currently call DC home. 


At The Ministry, we love all things coffee, food, and wine. It is the heart and soul of what we do. Coffee is our energy, food is our motivator, and wine is our joy. We believe in basking in the moments that are meant to be unrushed. We seek to provide a space that coffee and wine novices and aficionados alike can start conversations, enjoy each other’s good company, and build community centered around a table.


We believe in cultivating connections: encouraging creativity, genuinely getting to know our patrons, nurturing our team, and collaborating with local partners.

Our love of community does not stay within the bounds of The Ministry’s four walls. We are kindred spirits with those doing good in the community. We value supporting other small businesses and local artists in their entrepreneurial endeavors. We’ve already established a partnerships with District Mugs, an organization that assists our neighbors experiencing homelessness to create and sell art. We are excited to see what other partnerships form as we grow into our new home on the East End. 


Our Partners

Ceremony Coffee — A company born out of a passion for sharing amazing coffee, and this passion continues to drive them today. Ceremony works hard every day to thoughtfully guide seasonal coffee offerings. With producers and importing partners all over the world, they source super-fresh, super-clean, 85+ point coffees with loads of sweetness and character. Then the roasting team gets to work on a tireless pursuit to develop roast profiles and blend ratios that highlight the best of every coffee.

District Mugs — District Mugs is a volunteer group that introduces entrepreneurship and business concepts to men and women experiencing homelessness in D.C., by teaching them how to design, market, and sell coffee mugs.  Participants in the District Mugs program also have the opportunity to earn a small income from the production and sale of their coffee mugs. You can find, support and purchase DM mugs at our shop.



"D.C.’s Newest Coffee Shop and Wine Bar Arrives in Late June." — Eater DC

"For coffee lovers and wine connoisseurs, a place like this really would save the day." — JST.B

" go-to spot for our coffee. Looking forward to coming back for some wine after work!" — Eileen C., Yelp